About Donamus

Donamus Foundation aims to make donation behaviors more accessible and relevant to many people making use of impactful technological solutions. With collaboration of the right campaign endorsers, this allows collecting great sums of donations and allocating them to a wide network of health and education programs for people in need around the world. We think glocally, searching global participation for local impact

Global Impact

We believe in worldwide matters that require local solutions


Spotting new trends and observing social behaviors for tailored action


Leaning on replicable models for lean processes and large-scale projects

Our Most Recent Project

The coronavirus pandemic was our wake up call in the mission of finding worldwide contributions for local impact. Within the sports world, particularly in football, we identified several examples of celebrities having massive reach throughout their social media. However, we noticed how many of their charity actions, most of them related to donations of iconic pieces in their career for auctions, were linked to local organizations that required financial help, yet would not reach a large scale of donors beyond city or country borders for money collection. Together with soccer-tech startup Shirtum we aim to redefine this behavior for a greater good, with democratized global charity raffles.


Donamus Foundation was born with the purpose of providing assistance to hospitals, NGOs and foundations worldwide fighting against COVID-19. Thanks to #TheBiggestGame campaign, we will provide all donation profits in full transparency to the organizations chosen by the athletes for social health & benefit.

Our Team

Manuel A. Torras Pérez
José Suárez
Finance Advisor
Ramón Pérez Lucena
Legal Advisor
Micha Schara
Comunication Advisor

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